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Relationship with EASYSTREET

EasyStreet was created as a collective of like minded Mortgage Adviser with a shared passion for mortgage lending and helping clients achieve their financial goals. We're one office team operated through two Financial Advice Providers, EASYSTREET MORTGAGES LIMITED & FINANCIAL LICENSING GROUP LIMITED (The Cameron White Team). 

When you are working with any member of the EasyStreet team you are getting the collective experience of every member. In this day and age the old mortgage broker working out of his or her back shed finds it hard to keep up and that's why you want to be working with a group that keeps ahead of the curve.


We work from a central Christchurch location, where we strive to create an accessible and inviting environment where you can be assured of your next step.  


All members of the EasyStreet Team have come together through a shared interest in ensuring great outcomes for their clients through superior client service. 

Cameron White Team

Cameron and his team are highly experienced in mortgage finance and have a depth of knowledge and resources ready to assist you in your achieving your goals.

There are two Financial Advisers in the Team, Cameron and Philippa each specialising in their fields of Mortgage Lending with Cam, and Insurance and Investments for Philippa. The team takes every client through a comprehensive process to review their financial needs with each transaction. They are supported by Donna and Mel who have a wealth of experience in meeting their clients objectives.

Cams team offer both the ambition and determination needed to get challenging deals across the line, while also offering the strong resources and service of a traditional mortgage & financial firm.

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